Pennsylvania Drilling Company Announces Full-Service Sales, Rentals, and More

Gill Beetle Drill, manufactured by Gill Rock Drill, is a simple, sturdy drill that can be designed for any type of drilling operation including rock quarry drilling, construction drilling, and geothermal drilling.

Founded in 1915 by Fred A. Gill, Gill Rock Drill’s mission is to satisfy the needs of customers by providing high quality equipment, tools and service.

Rock drilling is a specialized field that requires the right equipment and the knowledge to back it up. You need a rock drilling equipment supplier like the Gill Rock Drill company that keeps up on today’s advanced technology. Our equipment will make your work site safer and more efficient than ever before. The old saying, “hard as a rock,” explains the difficulty involved in drilling through rock and how important it is to use the right equipment and supplier for the job.

The full line of Gill Beetle Drills can be customized for any application and can include a large capacity air compressor and trailer for the complete drilling package. Don’t have all the tools necessary? Gill Rock Drill can provide you with tools and supplies including drill steel, casing, adaptors, and hammers and bits. Gill Rock also does tool joint rethreading and repair.

Gill Rock Drill offers in-house or on-site servicing and repair of drilling equipment. If your project requires equipment too expensive to purchase for your need, you have the option of daily, weekly, monthly, or long-term rentals. Further, if you’re looking for contract drilling, Gill Rock Drill has a team of trained drill crew.

About Gill Rock Drill: Gill Rock Drill Company is a full-service manufacturer and distributor of drilling equipment, tools and supplies. Whether it be contract drilling, rentals, service, or support, you can always rely on Gill Rock Drill Company to provide training and technical expertise. Contact Gill Rock Drill at or call (717) 272-3861.

In-House or On-Site Servicing and Repair of Drilling Equipment

Rely on Gill Rock Drill Company For Dependable In-House And On-Site Repair And Service!
Does your enterprise perform drilling operations with some frequency? If so, you appreciate the importance of obtaining dependable service and maintenance for your equipment! Unplanned “down time” costs companies in this industry thousands (and even tens of thousands) of dollars. When you use the renowned Gill Beetle Drill, you’ll have access to dependable, expert on-site and in-house maintenance and repair services. We fully support our product lines and our customers.

Try Before You Buy

As a leading manufacturer and vendor of specialized drilling equipment in Pennsylvania, we offer experienced customized services. Your company can ask us to help modify your drilling products to meet the unique needs of your marketplace. We also offer contract rock drilling and the assistance of a trained drill crew. You can essentially test out our products before you enter into a purchase agreement by requesting rock drilling equipment rentals first. See for yourself how well our superbly manufactured product lines and trained personnel advance your field operations!

Our company has manufactured drilling products for decades. We understand the needs of businesses serving customers in niche drilling markets. Whether you require rock drilling equipment for construction and infrastructure projects, for drilling water wells, for mining, or for virtually any other purpose, you’ll want to consider our fine equipment. Our specialized contract rock drilling service can help you keep your projects in the field on time and within desired targets.

Reliable Maintenance And Repair Services Really Matter

Today so many drilling companies depend heavily upon the implementation of regular, periodic maintenance programs. Service by experienced technicians can help keep equipment running smoothly in the field. No one appreciates costly breakdowns or sudden drill failures. Enterprises which prioritize service and maintenance highly may discover they obtain the best value from their investment in heavy equipment and specialized drills by contracting for regular maintenance and repair services.

Whether you require an experienced rotary drill pipe supplier, capable in house maintenance and repair services, or short or long term equipment rentals, we’d like to assist you. Our company has served clients throughout the Eastern Seaboard for generations. You can count on our expertise to help you solve many different types of challenging drill and equipment problems.

Further Information

We want to support your drilling company’s effort to provide superb customer service. Can we assist you? Simply give us a call at (800) 334-3117 to discuss your drilling service and repair needs. We look forward to speaking with you!

State of the Art Geothermal Drill Rigging Technology

Geothermal energy is becoming an ever more popular alternative to traditional energy sources. That is why companies such as Gill Rock Drill company are ensuring that consumers have access to the many rigs and drilling equipment necessary to integrate such a system into their own home or business. The benefits of using this state of the art rigging technology to implement a heating and cooling system are as follows:
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Consistent Energy
  • Provides Heating And Cooling
  • Economically Viable

Environmentally Friendly

Geothermal energy produces zero carbon emissions. By using this rigging system to implement a system of your own, you can be a part of the population which is actively helping to make the air and water around us cleaner each day. This can be achieved all without lifting a finger. We are happy to do all of the work for you. We work to minimize any disturbances to your property when drilling and thus when the project is done, you won’t even know that we were there.

Consistent Energy

By using this type of rig, it is very predictable the amount of energy that can be extracted from the ground beneath you. This means that you can accurately have your system designed to meet all of your energy needs and rely far less on traditional power sources.

Provides Heating And Cooling

What many people fail to realize about these systems are that they are not just for heating. They act as wonderful cooling systems as well. In the winter, warmer air is brought up from the ground and used in a building as heat. In the summer, this same heat pump works in reverse to get the warm air out of your house and replace it with much cooler air from the ground. This is possible through this drilling technology and the relatively constant underground temperature year round.

Economically Viable

We work to minimize costs to the consumer both when conducting the actual drilling process and when accounting for the reduced energy bills in the future. Because the fuel of your system is now seen. It is easy to see how this process will eventually pay for itself over time thanks to this state of the art drill rigging technology.

If you are in need of a geothermal rig or rigging accessories, then be sure to look further into Gill Rock Drill Company for everything that you’ll ever need.