Construction Drilling Rig

Grill Rock Drill Company is a major distributor of drilling tools and supplies. Rotary and cable, down the hole and top hammer, we sell, service, and repair all types of drilling tools and supplies.

All of our construction drilling rigs are high-performance, advanced, and ideal for multiple applications, which include construction drilling, gas utilities, water utilities, and multiple other difficult and unique construction drilling rig jobs. All of the products we offer when it comes to a construction drilling rig are the best on the current market, one of them being our Gill Beetle Drill.

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Construction Drill Rig

The Gill Beetle Drill is an affordable, versatile option for all different types of construction drilling needs, and is one of our most popular when it comes to equipment used for construction drilling rig work. Our Gill Beetle Drill offers the following benefits that are listed conveniently for you below;

  • Easy to operate and maintain, with routine upkeep and repair that can be done by the owner or the operator.
  • Easily transported.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Drills holes at 4″ to 24″ in diameter.
  • Crawler mounted.
  • Has an optional 2-speed rotary head.
  • Low operation costs, with new, used, and rental options available.

At Grill Rock Drill Company, we offer a range of custom design drilling tools that are specific to all needs, and will work for any construction drilling rig job;

  • Ribbed Straight Stabilizer
  • Ribbed Spiral Stabilized
  • Over the Hammer Stabilizer
  • Friction Sockets
  • Overshots
  • Fishing Spears
  • Drill Pipe
  • Rotary Adapter
  • Open Side Rope Socket
  • Button and Swivel
  • Dart Style Bailer

We also offer contract drilling, rentals, service and support when it comes to all of our construction drilling rigs. In addition to the full line of new Gill Beetle Drills, among our other products associated with construction drilling rig tools and equipment, we also provide;

  • Contract drilling through our crew trained to operate drills.
  • A fleet of Gill Beetle Drills and air compressors that are specifically chosen for the job’s needs to be perfectly met.
  • On-site or in-house repair and overall servicing of all drilling equipment needed and in use.
  • Used Gill Beetle Drills and air compressors currently up for sale.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and/or long-term rentals for all construction drilling rig

Here at Grill Rock Drill, our goal is to build strong, lasting relationships with our customers based on honesty, integrity, and trust. To learn more about the services we offer or to design your specialty equipment, contact us. Our experienced team is here to meet your mining, construction, and drilling needs.


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