Rotary Drill Pipe Manufacturer

Gill Rock Drill Company is a rotary drill pipe manufacturer providing full-service fabricating, machining, and assembly of custom manufactured rotary drill pipe, adaptors, and drilling tools as well as tool joint rethreading and repairs.  We also provide engineering and technical services to custom design drilling tools to your specific needs.  Some of the products we manufacture include:

Rotary Drill Pipe Manufacturer

Rotary Drill Pipe

  • Alloy heat-treated steel for all tool joints
  • Manufactured to meet API specifications
  • All joints 100% electric welded
  • Customized to fit on any rotary drill rig
  • Complete repair, rethreading, and straightening service available


  • Alloy heat-treated steel
  • Manufactured to meet API specifications
  • Customized to any size and configuration
  • Rotary adaptors, casing adaptors, flange adaptors, and reamers made to order


  • Alloy heat-treated steel
  • Breakout configurations made to customer requirements
  • Smooth stabilizers
  • Ribbed straight stabilizers
  • Ribbed spiral stabilizers
  • Over the hammer stabilizers
  • Ribs hard surfaced upon request

Fishing Tools:

  • Fishing Spears
  • Overshots
  • Friction Sockets

Also manufactured to order:

  • Table Bushings and Inserts
  • Bit Baskets
  • Hoist Boxes & Pins
  • Drive Heads
  • Wrenches