Gill Rock Drill Company, Inc.: A Quality Rock Drilling Equipment Provider in PA!

Gill Rock Drill Company, Inc. supplies businesses and entrepreneurs with excellent lines of rock drilling heavy equipment. Our sturdy, well-built Gill Beetle Drill assists customers in a variety of industries. Whether your business focuses on mining, construction, excavating or drilling water wells, you’ll discover useful applications for this custom engineered machine!
Tailoring Products to Meet Customer Needs

Our versatile rock drilling equipment has demonstrated its utility in many different settings. We assist customers by customizing this brand to fit specific industry requirements. Our facilities include extensive manufacturing capabilities. We design, fabricate, assemble and machine tools and accessory parts and drills to suit your needs. With over 100 years of experience in this field, our family owned and operated company has developed a loyal base of satisfied customers.

Have you searched for rock drill manufacturers willing to assist you in developing specific product capabilities? Our firm produces customized blast hole drills, surface drilling rigs, water well drills, construction drilling rigs, geothermal drilling rigs, rock drill bits and other heavy equipment and tools geared towards specific niche markets. Ask us to help you obtain a customized Gill Beetle Drill designed with your company and its unique market needs in mind.


Why Rely On Gill Rock Drill Company, Inc.?

You’ll gain far more utility by investing in our acclaimed Gill Beetle Drill than you will selecting generic assets sold on the mass market. Our employees care about maintaining the superb quality of every drill we produce. We help customers maintain their equipment by supplying excellent support services. When you select your rock drills through us, we can assist you in obtaining replacement parts and accessories easily on demand. Our convenient location in Pennsylvania allows us to serve customers across the Eastern Seaboard.

Additionally, our company furnishes the benefits of flexibility. Although most customers prefer to purchase equipment from us, we also offer some rental equipment and we perform contract drilling under certain circumstances. This versatility enables customers to appreciate the performance of the Gill Beetle Drill in action. If you’ve searched for an effective construction drill or a water well drill meeting specific parameters, contact us for capable assistance. We offer experienced, helpful input to prospective customers searching for real world solutions to challenging drilling problems.

Further Information

To request additional information, or to speak with a customer service agent, call us at 1-800-334-3117 now. You can also use the convenient website contact form. We ship custom parts worldwide!

2018 Top Drill Rock Equipment Supplier

Trusted By Drill Companies In The US

For all of your drilling needs, Gill Rock Drill Company is here to provide professional and reliable technical expertise. We offer contract drilling, service, and rentals for all of your drilling projects.

Get contract drilling with our highly skilled and professionally trained drill crew, or rent premium drilling equipment for your projects. We have long-term rentals along with flexible daily, weekly, and monthly rentals to suit your your needs. Come visit us and find the right rock drill for your next project.

We are full service manufacturers and distributors that offer the most professional drilling equipment guaranteed to meet your needs. Get all of your tools and supplies at this one-stop shop. Drill companies across the US trust us to provide outstanding drilling machines.

Exceptional Service From A Highly Skilled Team

Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals like us, you know that it is crucial to select the right tools and equipment for the job. Our team is available to answer any questions you might have about drill equipment, repair, and other supplies.

You can always turn to Gill Rock to provide high-level service, including training and support. If you’re looking for a wet drilling machine, you will find durable and lasting commercial grade equipment that is built to last.

Select The Right Well Drilling Machine

At Gill Rock, you get water well drill equipment that can penetrate the toughest rocks and hard services. You can always count on on Gill Rock to provide professional training and expertise for your project. We can work with you in any capacity, including contract drilling, service, or equipment rental. At Gill Rock, our professional team is here to help you select the right well drilling machine for your project. Find the right drill

You can count on us to have a vast selection of drilling machines, including a huge fleet of Gill Beetle Drills and air compressors selected to meet the requirements of the job. We also sell used Gill Beetle Drills and air compressors, along with any accessories you might need. We have you covered with full repair and maintenance services for all water well drill and accessories. If you need rotary drill service or routine repairs and maintenance, come to us for high quality work.

We provide the best engineering and technical services to design drilling tools customized to your needs. We also manufacture stabilizers. Choose from ribbed Straight Stabilizers, ribbed spiraled Stabilizers, or Over the Hammer Stabilizers. We also have friction sockets and open side rope sockets.

Other items include friction sockets, drill pipes, rotary adapters, dart style bailers, lift bails, and fishing spears.

Quality Drilling Equipment Supplier

Whether you’ve worked with professionals or undertook the laborious task of drilling, you know that rock drilling is a highly specialized field that requires high-tech expertise and knowledge to ensure high quality work and compliance with safety regulations.

You can rest assured that you are up to date with today’s safety standards and advanced technology. Drill companies depend on us for professional grade machinery. Our drilling machines are durable and use precise technology to penetrate rocks for construction, well digging, and mining.

Service And Repair Your Water Well Drill Equipment

Gill Rock is a one of the largest distributors of drilling tools and supplies. We proudly feature on site or in house repair and servicing for your drilling equipment, including our drilling machine and accessories.

Aside from selling top of the line products, we also service, repair, and sell all kinds of drilling tools and supplies. We also provide rotary drill service and repair.
Browse our wide selection of top hammer products, including DTH hammers along with any bits and parts you might need.

We also sell cable and rotary drilling supplies such as pipe winders, wrenches, and grinding wheels. If you need foam and grease to keep your equipment in top shape, we’ve got that, too.

Come visit us for your drilling tool repair needs and bit sharpening. If you use DTH hammers, we can help you select the right hammer from our huge selection, and also provide rebuilding and repair services for your equipment.

Built On A Foundation Of Integrity And Trust

Gill Rock is your trusted equipment supplier for all of your drilling projects and repair needs. We have solid rapport with our customers based on our principles of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and trust. With our team of professionals and selection of high grade drilling products, Gill Rock is your rock drill equipment supplier for 2018 and beyond.