State of the Art Geothermal Drill Rigging Technology

Geothermal energy is becoming an ever more popular alternative to traditional energy sources. That is why companies such as Gill Rock Drill company are ensuring that consumers have access to the many rigs and drilling equipment necessary to integrate such a system into their own home or business. The benefits of using this state of the art rigging technology to implement a heating and cooling system are as follows:
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Consistent Energy
  • Provides Heating And Cooling
  • Economically Viable

Environmentally Friendly

Geothermal energy produces zero carbon emissions. By using this rigging system to implement a system of your own, you can be a part of the population which is actively helping to make the air and water around us cleaner each day. This can be achieved all without lifting a finger. We are happy to do all of the work for you. We work to minimize any disturbances to your property when drilling and thus when the project is done, you won’t even know that we were there.

Consistent Energy

By using this type of rig, it is very predictable the amount of energy that can be extracted from the ground beneath you. This means that you can accurately have your system designed to meet all of your energy needs and rely far less on traditional power sources.

Provides Heating And Cooling

What many people fail to realize about these systems are that they are not just for heating. They act as wonderful cooling systems as well. In the winter, warmer air is brought up from the ground and used in a building as heat. In the summer, this same heat pump works in reverse to get the warm air out of your house and replace it with much cooler air from the ground. This is possible through this drilling technology and the relatively constant underground temperature year round.

Economically Viable

We work to minimize costs to the consumer both when conducting the actual drilling process and when accounting for the reduced energy bills in the future. Because the fuel of your system is now seen. It is easy to see how this process will eventually pay for itself over time thanks to this state of the art drill rigging technology.

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Tailoring Products to Meet Customer Needs

Our versatile rock drilling equipment has demonstrated its utility in many different settings. We assist customers by customizing this brand to fit specific industry requirements. Our facilities include extensive manufacturing capabilities. We design, fabricate, assemble and machine tools and accessory parts and drills to suit your needs. With over 100 years of experience in this field, our family owned and operated company has developed a loyal base of satisfied customers.

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Why Rely On Gill Rock Drill Company, Inc.?

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Further Information

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